Mission Statement of the Development Association

Mission statement of the Point Alpha Development Association e.V. [registered association]


Those who are not aware of the past and do not know how the present came into being, can neither properly understand their own era, nor make meaningful plans for the future. 
We are Point Alpha
Our goal is setting down strong and permanent roots for Point Alpha, the idea behind it and its responsibilities among the population, especially with the next generation and those to come.

We see ourselves as an identity-endowing association in our region
Our goal is to support the Point Alpha Foundation in its program of active engagement with history and in the development, consolidation and nurturing of a dignified culture of remembrance.
We create networks
Our goal is to establish and maintain close cooperation with surrounding cities, communities and district administrations, as well as with local companies, clubs, associations and institutions. In addition, we want to promote the feeling of a shared identity among people on both sides of the former border.
We consider open-minded youth work to be one of the most important challenges of our time
Our goal is to support a youth group that takes the “Point Alpha idea” further through constructive socio-political commitment.
We consider ourselves to be service providers and lobbyists for our members
Our goal is to keep our members motivated as we integrate them into the work of our association and to provide them with comprehensive information.
We want to inspire joy in having you make a commitment to our association
Our goal is to create an open, communicative atmosphere and to engender a perceptible, vibrant sense of the added value of a membership.
We view ourselves as trustworthy partners of the Point Alpha Foundation
Our goal is to support the proactive work of the Point Alpha Foundation, to promote the efforts on behalf of the memorial to the best of our ability and to contribute to helping it develop the greatest possible sustainable charisma and effectiveness.
The mission statement was unanimously resolved at the membership meeting of the Point Alpha Development Association e.V. on October 29, 2010.