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Helping to preserve history – Point Alpha Development Association

In the early/mid 1990s, a citizens’ initiative prevented the demolition of the former US camp Point Alpha as had been planned by the Hessian state government at the time. This evolved into two trustee organizations that not only preserved the history-steeped site, but invested great commitment and courage in building it up to become a memorial site. In the meantime, Point Alpha as a place of learning has become internationally well-known and annually welcomes about 100,000 visitors. 

When the Point Alpha Foundation took up its work on January 1, 2008, it also took on trusteeship of the memorial. It was created by the two sponsoring organizations, the states of Hesse and Thuringia, the administrative districts of Fulda and Wartburgkreis, the city of Geisa and the municipality of Rasdorf. While the Thuringian (small) trustee organization was dissolved, the larger of the two organizations was transformed into the Point Alpha Development Association. The Development Organization views its most important tasks as introducing good ideas to the development of the memorial and anchoring of Point Alpha in the region. Among other things, the Association implements work assignments, supports the foundation at events, attends to youth work and organizes activities and excursions itself. 
Memorials such as Point Alpha are essential places of learning from history, especially for subsequent generations; they remind us of dictatorships of the past and counter the forgetting and trivialization of what has transpired. Every helping hand is needed for the important tasks of perpetuating democracy and freedom. Join in and become a member of the Point Alpha Development Association! Get to know interesting people, experience attractive and instructive events. Association members have free entry to the Point Alpha Memorial.