The Point Alpha Academy

The academy completes the multifaceted offers relating to Point Alpha with its own seminar and event program. The educational mandate of the Point Alpha Foundation is thus being implemented. Against the backdrop of the historical experience at the history-fraught site of Point Alpha, its philosophy is based on the values of freedom, personal responsibility and tolerance. Conveying democracy and international crisis prevention are the focus of its offer. 
Semi-annually, a new program is provided that includes seminars and conferences on foreign, security policy-related and historical topics in conjunction with the East German Communist dictatorship, German partition and the East-West conflict. In addition to scientists and experts, eyewitnesses of the era are invited to the events as discussion partners. Moreover, the on-site museum-related and pedagogical facilities are integrated into the conference program.
Target Groups
In principle, the academy program is available to anyone who is interested.  However, the programs offered are directed particularly at disseminators of scholastic and political education; up-and-coming young talent in politics, business and administration; representatives of social organizations and churches and religious communities, as well as domestic and foreign journalists. There are separate, special offers for students and youth groups.